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Carlos Kobayen - AT
Artist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Somewhere near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Operating System: Win 7
Personal Quote: "I tank, therefore I am"
Because when something is up since bleeping 2007, its time for replacement.

Its no secret that in my current employment (if it can be called employment), I spend most of the time sitting. Occasionally going downtown and beyond for an errand. Of course, I accumulated some weight from that.

Maybe eight months ago, I was talked by my mother into picking up swimming again. because its an all-around exercise that'll get me to spend some energy and lose this fat. Thing is I know why I'm heavy. I eat like a pig. You lose weight by eating healthy, and as much as my mother is a living testament to that I like snacking on street food randomly when I go downtown. That might be why I even have enough stomach to down half the crap I eat. So no, I couldnt care less about whether my clothes fit.

I swim because I failed to jog two miles in 20 minutes eight months ago. I know it sounds stupid, but being able to get around by foot and bus anywhere, its kind of a pride for me. And bikes are... not portable. (Rollerskates sounded like a great idea up until it met my clumsiness). Besides, there's a bakery across the place that has some awesome donut-like things.

I am aware I am not supposed to reward myself with gluten and sugar right after exercise. I dont care. I have a simple objective; have enough physique to randomly burst into speed, anywhere, anywhen. Not needing an entire new wardrobe is just a benefit.

And no, I cant pull two miles yet. Not in 20 minutes. When I do, I might start aiming for four.

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Happy Birthday Farmer!

Here's to another year of pretty drawings and your push for exercise.
kobayen Feb 24, 2014   Digital Artist
.. and another year later yaaay!
This is a damn slow shoutbox.
Happy Birthday Farmer! Again! Exactly one year later!
Happy Birthday Farmer!
KillToThrill Mar 22, 2011
Love your art. Keep it up mutha fuckah.
I see you here too
Hi :)
I hope you have an awesome week :)
Deviously-Devi Aug 24, 2008  Student Digital Artist
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